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2014 News at Pampard

August 2014
we have had a little break from showing due to Family holidays and babies on the way however a weekend in Albury saw Miss Mia win BEST  IN GROUP under Breed specialist Jean McErlane from NZ

What a great weekend for our TEAM!!!
(Photos below)

Friday Anzac Day Show
Keira BCC, Best of Breed and BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP!
Lola Res CC and Runner up Best of Breed
Wilfred Dog CC
Molly, Mia and Anna also all won their classes.

Greensborough Saturday Show
Anna Res Bitch CC and Runner up best of breed.
Wilfred Dog CC

Greensborough Sunday Show
Anna BCC, Best of Breed and BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP! 
Keira res CC
Wilfred Dog CC and Runner up Best of Breed
Boris res Dog CC

Such a fun weekend of shows with large entries in the breed, so we were thrilled with the results! Shellie's PBGV Darcy also won Three Best exhibit in Groups as well as a RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW  so plenty to celebrate!
It was lovely to have Ash Oldfield visiting us once again all the way from South America! We wish her all the best of luck with Molly - Pampard Phly With Me (Dylan x Lana). 

Darcy Best in Group 1st
Spanna Best in Group 1st
Molly 2 x Minor Puppy in groupKeira Best in Group 1st

Canine Museum Foundation 7/3/14 
Dalmatian Club Pointscore

Wilfred Dog CC, Best of Breed and Junior in Group.
Mia Res CC in her first show as a minor puppy.. Go Mia!!

Miss Mia (Pampard Phirst Class) started her show career with a BANG at last weekends shows taking out

Best Baby Puppy in group at her first two shows!! We are looking forward to a very fun future for this Lana X Dylan girl who is full of personality and naughtiness!.. Good Luck Shellie :)

Lola and Emily also won
Puppy in group together at the Bulla Extravaganza Saturday show!

Our beautiful Phinneas has gone to live in his new home in South Australia, Phinn will be shown by Julia Mills and together they have already won multiple dog cc's. We are so thrilled that Phinn will be living the life of luxury with Julia and the other spotties. 


Victorian Top Dog Contest!
Pampard were honored to have two dogs invited to be a part of the 2013 Top Dog Contest
Wilfred made it to the second round in the top Puppy event!
Keira made it through to the top eight in the Top Dog contest!!!! 
(Video of Keira from the night is on her page) 
So proud of our beautiful dogs strutting their stuff on this prestigious night. 
Darcy was the star of the show taking out the
TOP DOG in Victoria!!!!
What an amazing award for Shellie's little scruffy dog!!! 

Pakenham Show 
Dalmatian Pointscore 

Anna Bitch cc, Best of Breed
Runner up in group and AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW!
Wilfred Dog CC

Todays challenge points put Anna over 500 points! So proud of what our special girl has achieved through limited showing. 

Noorat Weekend
What a great weekend away with friends.
Wilfred & Anna both came home with some nice CC points, Wilfred also won
3 Junior in Groups!!

Sunshine Kennel Club
Dalmatian Point score show
Keria Best of Breed,
Runner up Best in Group & Open in group 
Lola res bitch cc &
Puppy in Group
Wilfred res dog cc & Junior in Group

Berwick All breeds
Wilfred dog challenge and
Junior in group!

ADI Weekend
(pictured below)
Boris Best of Breed &
Runner up Best in Group!
Effie Australian Bred in Show!!

Another great weekend away with the team, this time in Warrnabool.
Sat AM Show: Wilfred Dog CC, Runner up Best of Breed &
Junior in Group. Boris res CC. Lola res CC and Puppy in Group!
Sat PM Show: Wilfred res Dog CC & Junior in Group. Anna Bitch CC. Lola res CC & PUPPY IN SHOW!!!! 
Sun Show: Boris DCC & Best of Breed, Anna Bitch CC. 

Our visiting TT "Bugsley" also did us proud with a
minor in group and TWO MINOR PUPPY IN SHOWS!
Youngster "Clive" the PBGV won two Baby Puppy in Group awards and a BABY PUPPY IN SHOW!
(both boys pictured below) 

Lots of fun with friends and cocktails! Our new puppies Mia, Molly and Jetson also had a fantastic time at the show visiting.


Introducing our new Team members!
The puppies pictured below will be making their debut in the show ring early this year.
They are from our beautiful Lana Sup Ch Gemcourt Playz with Fire and Dylan Gr Ch Pampard Paris Project. 
We are excited to watch them grow.

Molly - Pampard Phly with me (black Bitch) 

Mia - Pampard Phirst Class (liver bitch)

Jetson - Pampard Phighter Jet (liver dog) 

Young Wilfred represented the team today winning a large Best of Breed under Japanese Judge Mr S Bessho, we were thrilled when he went on to win Runner up in Group and Junior in group also! Well done Aly & Wilfy! 

Wilfred Pictured below during the group judging, the final two.... 

2013 News at Pampard

Spanna wins Best of Breed, Runner up in group & Best Australian bred in group! Go Super Spanna & Aly!

Boris wins Best of Breed, Best in Group 1st and Open in group! well done Charlotte and Boris! Lola was also bitch CC, runner up best of breed and Minor in group! another great weekend away with the team!.

Lola wins Best of Breed, Runner up in Group and Minor in show!!! well done Emily... turns out that new suit is very lucky!!

Dalmatian club specialty show Sunday
Lola wins another MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW!
Wilfred wins PUPPY IN SHOW!
Keira wins Opposite Open in show!
Pampard win the Breeders Team!
Freddy made a special visit to the show to go in the parade of veterans... it was a joy for everyone to see him strut his stuff once again at the age of 11.

Dalmatian club specialty show Saturday
Effie wins the Australian Bred bitch class, Bitch CC, RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW & Austrlian Bred in show!!!
Effie's daughter Lola wins MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW!!
Keira wins opposite Open in show!

Anna wins Best of Breed and Australian Bred in Show from a super lineup at today's Bendigo Ag' Show. very proud of our girl!

Keira wins Best of Breed at Hobart Royal!!! Well done Shellie & Keira!! (photo coming soon)

Another great day; Romsey Kennel Club.
Wilfred wins DCC, Best of Breed (20 points), Puppy in Group and also shortlisted in the final three for exhibit in group!
Anna BCC, Runner up Best of Breed and Australian Bred in group

Great day at the dalmatian pointscore today at Geelong Royal.
Anna wins Best of Breed, Best in Group first & Australian Bred in group!
Wilfred wins dog challenge, runner up best of breed and Minor puppy in group!

New Pampard Champion!
Sam - Pampard Pride N' Prejudice
Gained his title today in Perth!.... Well done Tim, you've done the team very proud!

Keria wins Best of Breed and Runner up best in group. The weather was very wet so unfortunatley no photo.

Keira wins Best of Breed and Open in Group under dalmatian specialist Diane Boyle 

New puppies at Pampard!
Happy mother Lana is doing very well enjoying her ELEVEN puppies!
7 boys and 4 girls
A mixture of blacks and livers.
Please see our puppy page for more details and information on how to enquire about this litter. 

Another Pampard Australian Champion!
Milla - Ch Pampard Phriendswithbenifits
Milla gained her title winning the bitch cc and best of breed at Seymour on Sunday.
Congratulations Charlotte!

An amazing day for the kennel yesterday being awarded BEST BREEDERS TEAM IN SHOW at the 2013 ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW!!!

The dogs pictured are: Keira (Sup Ch Pampard Phirst Phling ET) Effie (Ch Pampard Phrocked up) Wilfred (Pampard Privileged Position) and Boris (Ch Pampard Ponte Vecchio ET)
Anna wins 1st open bitch, bitch CC and RUNNER UP BEST OF BREED at the 2013 Melbourne Royal Show!!!
Hamish Reseve Dog CC, Wilfred 1st in the Puppy Dog Class.
Such a fantastic day with friends and family. 
Keira wins BEST OF BREED at the 2013 Adelaide Royal Show!!!! 
Great job Shellie for showing Keira to this fantastic win!

Emily and Effie win Best of Breed at the Seymore and Yea Sunday show. Well done Emily & Effie, it's great to see you both back in the ring having fun together. 

Another great weekend for the team at the Maffra shows

Friday: Phineas Dog CC and Best of Breed, Anna Bitch CC and Runner up Best of Breed. Wilfred Minor Puppy in Group. Anna Australian Bred in Group.

Saturday: Anna Bitch CC and Best of Breed, Milla Res bitch CC. Wilfred Minor Puppy in Group.

Sunday: Boris Dog CC and Best of Breed, Milla Bitch CC. Wilfred Minor Puppy in Group

In Queensland Anne Barr and her new baby Pippa (Hamish X Effie) won 1st in the Baby Puppy Sweepstakes and reserve Baby Puppy in Show!

Pictured below: Wilfred, Milla, Boris and Anna. 

New page added for Ja'mie (Pampard Phirst Home CD ET) Keira's beautiful and very clever sister who is doing the team proud in the obedience ring.

KCC Park show: Anna bitch CC & Best of Breed, Wilfred res dog CC. 

Very pleased with Anna who took out AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW today at the Lillydale 'Pot of Gold' Championship show under breed specialist Carol Immelman (South Africa).

Introducing Emily's new puppy "Lola" Pampard Pucker up. From Effie and Hamish... such an evil little girl!

A great weekend with the team! Keira gained her last points for her SUPREME CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE! 
Well done to Jonny and Keira, you make a beautiful team in the ring. To be awarded this title a dog must achieve 1000 CC points as well as 10 Best in group 1st awards, no easy mission! 

The rest of the team were also very sucessful, under breed specialist Ron Bessoff (Swiftgait Dalmatians) Keira won Best of Breed, Phinneas won the dog CC and Runner up of breed. Effie returned to the ring after having a break to whelp her first litter and won res CC to Keira. Keira went on to win BEST IN GROUP (1st) and Wilfred won MINOR IN GROUP.

The AM show saw Keira take out Best of Breed and RUNNER UP IN GROUP, Boris Dog CC and Wilfred was MINOR IN GROUP

Below the whole team with Keira celebrating her Supreme title!

Keira today did us very proud winning BEST IN SHOW at the Non-sporting specialty show.
Winning at this show is always extra special as the BIS sash is in memory of Jonathan's mum, Pam Marshall. 

Super day for the team at the Junior Kennel club show yesterday!
Phinneas gains the final points he needed for his AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!
Large pointscore show; Keira Bitch CC and Best of Breed, Phineas Dog CC and Runner up best of breed.
Keira went on to win Runner Up Best in Group (group 2nd), Phineas won Intermediate in group and young Wilfred won BABY PUPPY IN SHOW! 

Today was also the Junior handlers state final, Emily did us so proud by placing second in the senior class handling Darcy, she got a gordon setter as her swap dog and also did a fantastic job with him!! (Photos to come) 

A great day at the show today, from a large entry of dalmatians Keira went Bitch CC & Best of Breed, Phineas was Dog CC and Runner up of breed. Boris was res dog CC and Milla was res bitch CC, Wilfred won baby of breed. 
Keira went onto win BEST IN GROUP and was in the final three for Best in Show. 

Charlotte had a great day at the show today winning both challenges wil Boris and Milla, Boris was Best of Breed and Milla was runner up! Great job Charlotte! 

Pippa (Hamish x Effie) has settled in well with Anne Barr in Queensland, we wish you the best of luck with her! 

Keira wins a large Best of breed today at Lyndhurst Kennel Club and shortlisted for Best in Group. 

Milla BEST IN SHOW and Intermediate in Show the DCOV open show. 

Good day at Cranbourne Kennel club today, Boris Dog CC and Keira CC and Best of Breed, Keira was also shortlisted in the final three for Best in group. Anna, Wilfred and Phineas all won their classes.

Yesterday Keira, Boris and Anna competed in the DCOV 20km Endurance Trail, we are pleased to announce that they all passed with flying colours. They are now known as Ch Pampard Phirst Phling ET, Ch Pampard Ponte Vecchio ET and Ch Pampard Phireworks ET. 

Milla had a great day at the shows today taking our two Best of Breed, two Intermediate in group and two RUNNER UP IN GROUP awards! Well done Milla and Charlotte, she is looking more and more like her mother Pebbles every week! 



A great weekend interstate for the team at the Adelaide Winter International shows! 

We finished off with Keira winning two Best of Breeds and
Group 4th, Phinn winning two dog CC's and a RUBOB, Anna res CC and Willy Wilfred Baby Puppy in Group! 

Most of all a weekend full of fun and laughter with the team and friends. 


The team had another great day at Geelong & District Kennel Club show today. Keria was Bitch CC and Best of Breed, Phineas was Dog CC and Runner up Best of Breed. Milla and Boris were both res CC's. Phinn went on to win
Intermediate in Group and Wilfred won Baby Puppy in Group!!


**New pages for Milla and Wilfred**

Keira does it again!...
BEST IN GROUP (group 1st) under breed specialist Mrs Dianne Wright (Starswept Dalmatians) today at Seymour & District kennel club. Pictured below. 

What a fantastic weekend for the team!

Shepparton Kennel club: Keria
BEST IN GROUP (group 1st) handled by Emily while Jonny was away judging in Tassie. Boris was DCC and Runner up of Breed, Phinn was res dog cc and Milla was res bitch to Keira and JUNIOR IN GROUP.

Euroa Kennel club: Keira
BEST IN GROUP (group 1st) Pictured below, Milla Runner up best of breed. Boris Dog CC, Phinn res CC and new kid on the block Wilfred (Pamprd Privileged Position (PebblexDylan)) BABY IN GROUP! 

Another great weekend for team Pampard in the ring;
Saturday 'Milla' (Pampard Phriends with benifits) wins Best of Breed from the junior class. 
And Sunday Keira wins Best of Breed and BEST IN GROUP (group 1st)!!!!! Phineas also won the dog challenge and runner up best of breed. 

Keira winning Best in group. 

We are pleased to announce our new litter from "Effie" Ch Pampard Phrocked up to "Hamish" Ch Pampard Platinum Edition.
We have 7 babies all of which are black spotted. 
For any enquiries please contact Shellie. 

Keira wins BEST IN GROUP (group 1st) at the Heathcote kennel club show on the 14th of April.
Keira also won a large BOB on the 13th of April at a dalmatian pointscore show.
Well done Jonny and Keira, what a great weekend!!


29th of December

Anna wins Best in Group second  


8th of December



Lana 4th bitch of the year
Ivy 5th bitch of the year
Boris 5th dog of the year
Phineas 2nd puppy dog
Hilary 3rd Puppy bitch
Pampard Phirst home CCD ET 4th performance dog of the year
Pampard Paris style 5th performance dog of the year

27th of November
Lots of new photos uploaded today on the following pages
Lana, Anna, Hamish, Keira, Holly, Freedy, Boris, Photos page, Phinn, Ivy, Rhonda.... 

24th of November
A very sad day today at Pampard as we sad goodbye to the beautiful "Annie" (Gr Ch Pampard Pandamonium)
Annie was just shy of her 15th birthday, Annie was a dog for those who knew her who stole your heart. Forever cheeky, naughty and on the lookout for mischief. She had so many special memories to so many people and will be truley missed by everyone here at Pampard. 


Pampard Dalmatians at the 2012 Dalmatian National


Boris BEST INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW & winner of the Intermediate sweepstakes 

Keira, Ivy & Anna all second place in their classes (the three biggest classes at the show) 

The commitee did an amazing job running a very sucessful event, the weekend was full of lots of ups and downs! (thank you to all of those people who have sent their well wishes to Shellie after her nasty fall, we will have her back in the ring very soon ;) )

Keira's sister Jamie also won
BEST IN TRAIL at the national!!! Great job Henna and Jamie!


27/10/12: Anna Spanna wins BEST IN GROUP 1st!! 


We can't believe it!.... what an amazing day!!!


................and Darcy (Shellie's PBGV) goes BEST IN SHOW 2ND!! 

Emily wins the senior handlers final at the 2012 Royal Melbourne show handling Anna!!!


Another great Royal for our team!
For the second year in a row Lana wins BEST OF BREED!
Anna 1st in Intermediate bitch & Reserve CC to her mother Lana!
Keira 1st in a huge Open bitch Class & Second place in the prestigious Champion sweepstakes!
Hamish Reserve CC dog!!! 
Effie 2nd in the Aust. Bred bitch class to Lana

Our girls (Keira, Lana & Anna) in the Bitch CC lineup!


Keira Best of Breed & RUNNER UP IN GROUP!! Hamish dog CC and runner up best of breed. Thanks to Emily for handling Hamish today, you did an awesome job!

Anna Best of Breed


10/09/12: Dalmatian club of South Australia
Lana - Sup Ch Gemcourt Playz with Fire 

Intermediate in show- Anna
Opposite Intermediate in show - Boris 

Adelaide Royal Show - Keira 1st in Aust bred bitch & Res CC. Anna 1st in Intermediate Bitch, 

Pampard Ponte Vecchio
Congratulations Charlotte and Boris!


A great weekend away for the team!......
Macalister & Dist' Kennel club 

Saturday: Keira Best of breed & Best Exhibit in Group! Hamish Dog CC

Sunday: Anna Best of breed & Best Exhibit in Group!
Hamish Dog CC


A sad but happy day at Pampard. Our beautiful Okka, Pampard Phair Dinkum , left Aussie shores headed for New Zealand. he has gone to live with Gill Butcher. We are so pleased that he has jumped off the plane, had a long wee and jumped all over Gill.


Welcome to the team..... our new Pampard boys! 
(right to left)
"Colin" (Pampard Phirst Knight) and "Okka" (Pampard Phair Dinkum).
Keira (Ch Pampard Phirst Phling) to Freddy (Supreme Ch Pampard Parisian Prince).


8th of July 2012
We are SO PROUD of our Freddy and Pebbles!!.... Today they both gained their final CC's to become Supreme Champions!! (photos below)

Freddy returned to the ring in style (just shy of 10 years old) going BEST IN SHOW!!!!

Thanks to Aly for showing Freddy & Emily for showing Pebbles!.... Shellie was far to emotional to be able to step into the ring :)


Junior Handlers State Final 7th of July 2012

Congratulations to Emily for placing second in her first year in the seniors class, we are so proud of you!

Junior Kennel club Dally results: "Keira"
Best In Group First!! well done Jonny & Keira. Hamish Dog CC and Holly RUBOB and Puppy in group!!!


Pebbles' puppies have had great starts to their show careers so far...

This weekend 'Hilary' won RUBOB and MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW!....

In WA 'Sam' won Best of Breed and MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW!....

In QLD 'Marley' has won multiple CC's and class in groups!....

Congratulations to our youngsters! 


"Ivy" gains her Endurance Title!.... she is now know as Aust Ch Pampard Posion Ivy ET (June 2012)


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