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Pampard Phirst Home CD ET “Jamie”
3rd August 2008
Owned and handled by Henna Kuusisto
Currently titled Community Companion Dog (CCD), Companion Dog (CD) and Endurance Titles (ET)
Multiple obedience class winner at both CCD and CD levels in Open Trials – average score: 195/200
**Highest Score in Trial (197/200) – Dogs Victoria Open Easter Obedience Festival 2013**
**Highest Score in Trial (195/200) and current National Obedience Champion – Dalmatian Nationals 2012**
**4th 2012 Performance Point Score Dog of the Year (score from a single outing) – DCOV**
Jamie is a sweet tempered little girl with a fierce level of food drive and athleticism who consistently outperforms her competitors’ at trials, comments by judges describing her as “a very good working dog with lots of go”. Possessing beauty with brains, Jamie is currently being educated to Utility level in obedience, and has begun tracking and scent detection training. She has been competed very selectively due to her handlers study commitments, but is looking forward to competing in more trials at the end of 2013/2014 year in both Obedience and Tracking. In her off time Jamie loves swimming, running and cuddling up to mum.

Videos of Jamie’s work:
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