About Us

PAMPARD DALMATIANS was originally established back in 1963 in England by Pamela and Ian Marshall, and became arguably the most successful Dalmatian Kennel there by the time the family emigrated to Australia in 1983.
Pamela and Ian purchased their first Dalmatian, Pampard Freckles of Marray initially as a pet, but success in the ring started a lifelong association with the breed, and the development of the Pampard Kennel in the U.K. and then in Australia.
The acquisition of Cabaret Ceramica started the passion for showing and breeding, and established the foundation of their Kennel with many successes to follow with their Dallies and also Cairns, Labradors and Weimaraners.
Pamela, Ian and Jonathan came to Australia with 11 dogs and a horse in 1982 and continued their winning streak down under.

They successfully campaigned Dalmatians to the level Top Dog and Bitch in Victoria 33 times winning under judges of International, National and Speciality status.
Their Labradors and Jack Russells were also successful Champions in the Show Ring.
Until 2001 Pampard held the U.K. Top Dalmatian Bitch of all Time title with 27 C.C.s under 27 different judges - Melody held this title for 20 years from 1981-2001.

UK & Aust Champion Psychic Power @ Pampard still holds the record for top Sire, having 3 champions out of one litter. Concurrent with this, Pampard held the Australian top Dalmatian Bitch record with Aust. Gr. Ch. Daltonico Pandora.

Pamela, Ian and Jonathan continued the successful tradition with enthusiasm and dedication, breeding, showing and judging in Australia. Sadly Pamela lost her struggle with cancer and passed away in 1998. Her Dogs and her Family were her life and she would be happy her son Jonathan, his wife, Shellie and the grandchildren, Emily and Thomas, have continued her passion. The Dalmatian Fancy lost an immense amount of experience and knowledge with her passing.
From 1998 Jonathan, Shellie, Emily and Thomas have taken over as the main breeders and exhibitors of Pampard Dalmatians. They have been extremely successful in both the All Breed ring and the Speciality ring since this time.

Thanks to Lisa Van and Suzanne Mayhew for their great help in getting this web site going.

(top) Pam & Pampard Cabaret Cheerful Chimes - 1964