Pam & Ian

1940 - 1998

Founding PAMPARD DALMATIAN KENNELS in 1963 in the U.K., Pamela developed the dogs, her knowledge and her breeding expertise until all three were arguably second to none and she and the kennels were acknowledged Nationally and Internationally. She soon became a judge sought after by the Dalmatian Speciality Shows around the world.
Judging the 1st National Speciality Show in Australia initiated the move of the family and kennels to Australia, where Pampard Dalmatians quickly established themselves amongst the top dogs there as well,
holding Top Dalmatian records on both sides of the world (See Legends).
Apart from being a foremost Dalmatian Specialist, Pamela loved owning and exhibiting Cairns, Labradors, Weimaraners and Jack Russells and her judging capabilities extended to the Utility, Gundogs and Non-Sporting Groups, all of which she enjoyed judging around the world.
She would be proud of the fact that the success of the Pampards is continuing towards it¹s 50th Birthday
with children and grandchildren so dedicated and involved.

Co-founding PAMPARD DALMATIANS with Pamela in 1963, Ian is proud of the success of the Dogs and had the great distinction and honor of handling 'MELODY' - ENG.CH.PICKLED WALNUT FROM PAMPARD.J.W. to her many successes. He continued to handle the dogs, assist with the breeding programme, and judge when the family moved to Australia until Pamela's untimely passing.
Ian is a Dalmatian Specialist, having judged Specialty shows in all States of Australia and N.Z.,U.K., Eire, Canada, Continent of Europe, Scandinavia and Cuba, where he had the distinction of being the first westerner to judge B.I.S. all breeds. He continues to enjoy judging in his travels to all parts of the world. He is also qualified to judge the utility and non-sporting groups, which he has also done around the world for many years.
Ian has now re-married and he and Pete ( a veterinary surgeon and an International artist specialising in Wildlife and Animals) enjoy watching the Kennels progress from strength to strength with the involvement and dedication of Jonathan, Shellie, Emily and Thomas.