A few words all about me! I was born into the world of Dalmatians as my parents had been showing since before 1963. In fact the week before prior to my birth my Mum won the third Ticket that gave Perdy (Eng Ch Cabaret Ceramica) her title, evidently there where many worried faces around the ring concerned over my pending birth.

Being born into the Dalmatian world I have been very fortunate to not only see some of the breeds greatest Dalmatians (and know these dogs as dogs not just show dogs) but also to know personally many of the doyennes of the breed, the people that have made the breed what it is today. I am not going to name them here (for obvious reasons) but knowing the great breeders, handlers and exhibitors of yesteryear have really assisted Pampard in what it is today.

The hardest thing that I have ever had to come to terms with was the passing of my Mum; it was at this stage that I realized just how important Mums are to their little boys! I can still remember my Mums eyes showing just how desperately she wanted Pampard to carry on. Well Shellie and I were up for the Challenge and after following Mums strictly laid down guidelines we tried several breeding options, all of our own that would had made Mum turn in her grave, but some of our “experiments” really paid off improving our stock to what you see today.