HI ,
My name is Emily Marshall  I am nearly 11  and my family & I own Dalmatians and also a Dandie Dimont Terrier. I show all sorts of dogs BIG and small, HAIRY and soft. Anyway I have been very succsesful with showing dogs at the state final in 2008 I WON  and then got 2nd against the senior that is my BEST FRIEND that had won  I was pretty lucky not everybody is lucky enough to get that. Then last year at the Royal Melbourne Show  I qualified for the final and then I won that and one of my friends (Tayla) won the seniors.  I have just qualified for the State Final for this year I have got the most AMAZING suit I am going to wear its just gorgoues!! My favourite breed of dog is a Boxer or a Dalmatian. I Think I am a  sometimes. (In a good way). If you would like to Email me, Email me on emily @pampard.com.au.


          Hope you enjoyed my latest news..
          By Emily Marshall

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